Zinzi Minott is a Laban Graduate, a Random Dance intern and scholarship recipient. She has received choreographic commissions from Immigrants and Animals, Rokeya, Rich Mix, The Iranian Arts Festival and a recipient of ImpulsTanz danceWeb Scholarship 2015.

Her work and practice centres on the relationship between dance and politics.

She creates objects, writing, song and film as extensions to her dance practice.

She is interested in how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class, and how these things can be utilised to to communicate.

Repetition, exhaustion and duration intrigue her artistically, physically and politically; and there are often fragments of this layered throughout her work.

She is currently focused  on colonialism, race and the Black British identities including how dance is used as a mode of resistance and political protest.

She is a co-founder along with Hamish MacPherson and Jamila Johnson-Small of The Rebel Man Standard, which along with her creation “Movement for Queers” was described as “One of the best things in Dance” by Judith Mackrell in the Guardian Newspaper.

In 2016, she was artist in Residence at LADA (UK) Roehampton (UK) EMERGE (USA). She taught and spoke at the Collegium of African Diasporic Dance (CADD) at Duke University (USA). In addition, she took her work 30 Skanks (and other revolutionary dances) a collaboration with Charlotte Cooper, on an American tour.

She has received choreographic commissions from Precipice Award, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti and Black Creative Collective: BrownHall - 2016

She is Artist in Residence on Tate schools workshop programme at Tate Modern and Britain 2016/17 and will be artist in Residence at Duke University 2018.