What Kind of Slave Would I be? WKOSWIB?” 

Zinzi is currently working on a new piece “What kind of Slave would I be? WKOSWIB?”
(pronounced nWIK-uooh-IB) investigating dance, race, the archive and her own slave narrative through residencies at The British Library, Rich Mix and Dance Research Space, and partnerships with Live Art Development agency and Unbound publishers.

The piece will premiere 22nd April 2017 at Rich Mix, with workshops and a discussion 23rd April.


A film by Jenn Nkiru for International Women's Day


Nowse Bwoy and Aunty…the saving of a life.

Is a piece in collaboration with her nephew Nosakhare, also known as Nowse Bwoy which reveals the bond between Aunty and Nephew, Minott’s understanding of the responsibilities of being an Aunt and how to nurture and support their bond.  Commissioned by Tate as part of of BP Family Festival premiering 11th and 12th Febuary 2017 at Tate Britain.