Using elements from her practice around dance as a political tool Zinzi Minott has developed workshops to allow participants to engage with her work, practice and process.

Zinzi is available to deliver these workshops, as well as open to building new workshops.

Zinzi is also interested in working in academic settings, as a tutor, mentor and available to develop work with students and offer crits etc

Movement 4 Queers

In this workshop for self-identified Queer people, Zinzi explores queerness and the queering of moving bodies through dance. The workshop is for a small group of people and is inspired by Zinzi’s practice looking at how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class.


Tate Britain (UK)

Guest Projects (UK)


This workshop has been designed for young women and girls, which is trans inclusive,  to discuss and engage the ownership of one’s body. Using dance to look at how we can own, move or not move ourselves with agency and and how this might help us to navigate the wider world.


Selina Thompson Company (UK)

Dance and Object

This workshop is often delivered in gallery spaces and uses Zinzi’s process of using objects, and other artworks to make dance. The workshop is usually 90 mins, using the gallery’s collection on display at the time, participants will be taken through task based work to build a piece of performance. The workshop is fast, fun, and allows participants to engage with making dance with confidence. Sound is used, chosen by the participants and is played throughout the session.


Tate Modern (UK)

Tate Britain (UK)

Serpentine Gallery(UK)

Hip-hop release

This workshop was specifically designed for Black dancers, to highlight and discuss the tensions of being a black performing body in often white majority art and dance spaces. Creating a space of dance to work through the variety of dance cultures one might bring to a space, and how they all live and work through one's body.